DNA Exoneration

There is no greater injustice than to convict an innocent man.  To date over 254 wrongful convictions have been proven via DNA testing in the United States, including 17 people who had been on death row for crimes they did not commit.  Of those 254 wrongful convictions, the average innocent served 13 years behind bars.

"Better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer." - William Blackstone

A wrongful conviction causes untold damage.  The innocent have their lives destroyed, spending years behind bars for crimes they never committed.  They lose their jobs, their friends and their families.  They lose their good name and they lose faith in a just society.   They suffer immense psychological trauma and have great difficulty reintegrating into society even after their convictions have been vacated.  Many have been imprisoned for so long that they have missed the advent of cell phones and other modern technologies - making their transition back to "normal" life additionally challenging.  

While there are a number of reasons that wrongful convictions exist, the most common reasons relate to erroneous eyewitness identification, false confessions, police and prosecutorial misconduct, junk science and ineffective assistance of counsel.

At the Law Office of John Curnyn, we have first hand experience with wrongful convictions and have seen the devastation that they cause. When several other lawyers had turned them down, two separate men - Alejandro Dominguez and Marcus Lyons - approached attorney John Curnyn claiming their innocence after convictions had sent them to prison.  John Curnyn investigated their cases, discovered their actual innocence and moved the courts to provide DNA testing.  In both instances, DNA testing proved definitively that each man was innocent and had been wrongfully convicted.  With hard work and dedication, John Curnyn was able to convince the courts to vacate each man's conviction.

Below, please meet Alejandro Dominguez and Marcus Lyons - two wrongfully convicted men.  Read their stories and see how Attorney John Curnyn was able to help them clear their names.

Alejandro Dominguez

Wrongfully convicted of rape, Alejandro's name was cleared in April of 2002, when John Curnyn convinced a court to vacate his conviction based on DNA testing proving actual innocence.

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Marcus Lyons

Wrongfully convicted of rape, Marcus' name was cleared in September of 2007 when John Curnyn convinced a court to vacate his conviction based on DNA testing proving actual innocence.

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For more information on wrongful convictions, please visit the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law or the Innocence Project.




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