Our Philosophy

At the Law Office of John Curnyn, we are acutely aware that being criminally charged brings with it a host of obstacles and challenges.  Your liberty and financial security are at risk, and a conviction can have serious consequences for employment, education, immigration and family relationships.

Because the risks are so great and the State's power is so strong, you need a smart, aggressive and innovative defense lawyer.  You need someone in your corner - an expert at navigating the complex criminal justice system.  You need the Law Office of John Curnyn to provide you with your best defense.


It is our opinion at the Law Office of John Curnyn that the best criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who has devoted his entire career to defending people accused of crimes.  Many criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors, having spent much of their careers figuring out how to find people guilty and send them to prison for as long as possible.  These same prosecutors then go into private practice and claim that being a former prosecutor gives them the experience necessary to defend a person who has been charged criminally.

But most former prosecutors are not skilled in criminal defense law.  They do not know how to cross-examine from a defense perspective or how to investigate from a defense perspective.  In fact, some former prosecutors never lose their "prosecutor mentality"  and will never fight for you and your rights the way a seasoned, experienced criminal defense attorney will.

At the Law Office of John Curnyn, we are proud criminal defense specialists, with a distinguished career of result-driven defense work.  We have not prosecuted a single case because we have an unshakable commitment to providing outstanding and personal criminal defense.

At the Law Office of John Curnyn, we are acutely aware that the criminal justice system has many flaws.  We know that the police do not always tell the truth, that witnesses can lie or be mistaken, and that innocent people not only get charged with crimes, but sometimes also get convicted.  Because we are aware of those flaws, we don't fold.  We don't take the easy way out.  From the instant we take your case, we aggressively fight to ensure the best result for you, your needs and your circumstances.  


At the Law Office of John Curnyn, we believe that the client is the most important element in any case.  We really listen to you.  We evaluate your case based not only on the facts and the law, but also based on your needs and directions.  We understand that it is your freedom and reputation at stake, so your input is strongly considered and highly valued.  It is our hope that you feel as though you are a full partner in the proceedings against you as we believe that such an active partnership will ensure your best defense.

At the Law Office of John Curnyn, we give every case and every client the individual attention that it deserves.  All cases will be handled personally by John Curnyn.  Your case will never be passed off to a paralegal, intern or law student.  

Each case receives the following personal attention:

  • in-depth interview of client and witnesses
  • strategic case analysis
  • a deep understanding of the client's wishes and needs
  • review of relevant facts
  • where required, investigation with professional investigators
  • office visits/jail visits/phone calls and letters 
  • retention of expert witnesses, where appropriate
  • review of relevant statutes and case law
  • extensive motion analysis
  • intelligent trial and motion preparation
  • aggressive trial advocacy
  • where appropriate, engage in aggressive, smart negotiations 

At the Law Office of John Curnyn, we will always provide you with your best defense. 









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