I have been arrested, do I need a lawyer?
Yes. You need an aggressive, experienced criminal defense attorney, immediately.  Call the Law Office of John Curnyn for a free consultation.

I am being investigated by the police, FBI, etc., do I need a lawyer?
Yes. You need a savvy and tough criminal defense lawyer to help you navigate the process of investigation.  Successful intervention can result in criminal charges being avoided.  Call the Law Office of John Curnyn immediately for a free consultation.

The police want to question me.  What should I say?
If the police have an arrest warrant or indicate that you are under arrest, you should go with the police without resistance.  If the police question you, please say the following - word for word:

  • I understand my constitutional rights to remain silent and to have an attorney present during any questioning.  I DO NOT give up those rights.  Please stop questioning me until my lawyer is present.
  • Immediately thereafter, demand to call the Law Office of John Curnyn at 312.636.8997.

I am afraid to talk about my case on the phone, what should I do? 
Please call the Law Office of John Curnyn at 312.636.8997 to set up a confidential office meeting.

I have received a grand jury subpoena to testify, do I need a lawyer? 
Yes. There are important rights that you need to know about before you testify, and your testimony might be used against you even if you are not currently charged.  This can be very serious.  Call the Law Office of John Curnyn for a free consultation.

I have been charged with a misdemeanor, do I need a lawyer? 
Yes. All criminal charges can lead to very serious consequences, including jail time and significant fines. 

Do you represent juveniles?
Yes.  We handle any and all juvenile charges, including Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction and Transfer petitions.

Will you visit clients in jail?
Of course.  Meeting with our clients to keep them informed is one of the most important aspects of our practice. 

Are you available to answer questions?
We are available 24/7 to answer questions.  We have dedicated phone and email access so that you are always in communication with our office.  We offer convenient evening and weekend hours for office visits.  John Curnyn will personally respond to each call or email. 

Can my criminal record be expunged or sealed?
Yes, in certain circumstances. Call the Law Office of John Curnyn for a free consultation.

Have you represented outside of Cook County?
We mainly service Cook and Lake counties.  However, we have represented clients throughout the State of Illinois, including DuPage, Kane, McHenry, Will, LaSalle, Kankakee, Bureau, and Whiteside counties.

What type of people do you normally represent?
My office represents males and females of all races, nationalities, religions and sexual orientations.  We handle all misdemeanors, felonies and all traffic related matters for adults and juveniles.  We also handle appeals, post-conviction petitions, orders of protection, forfeiture proceedings and sexually violent offender commitment hearings.  

Are you familiar with immigration laws?
Yes. My office is highly-sensitive to the special needs of resident and non-resident aliens involved in the criminal justice system.  We often work in consultation with an immigration specialist to ensure that you receive the best advice possible.

What are your fees?
Fees are based on a number factors including anticipated time involved in your defense/investigation, seriousness of the charged offense and complexity of the potential trial issues. CALL NOW to set up a consultation.

 If you have additional questions or an immediate need, we are available 24 hours a day. 

Call 312.636.8997 or e-mail john@curnynlaw.com.





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